Pack 3322


Why join Pack 3322?

With more than 60 active Scouts, we are a highly active and engaging Pack for both Scouts and their families. We schedule at least 5 campouts per year – locally at Camp Butler and Camp Manatoc and across the state and region. We camp on restored battleships, on air force bases, at state parks, on the ballfield of the Akron Rubber Ducks, at our local NE Ohio zoos, and wherever adventure leads us!

We invite families and siblings to participate in ALL of our activities.

We do everything you would expect in Scouting and more – hiking, canoeing, pinewood derby, arts and crafts, museum tours, rain gutter regatta model boat races, punkin’ chunkin’ (catapult pumpkins 100+ yards), philanthropy and charity events, and much more!

Families involved with Pack 3322 consistently share their praise for the wholesome, outdoor, family-focused activities that we schedule each year.


Pack 3322 is chartered by Christ Church Episcopal in downtown Hudson.  Pack 3322 welcomes members of all faiths and our leaders come from a diverse collection of faiths.  Christ Church Episcopal is a Parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio and as part of the Episcopal Church is open and affirming.

Pack Meetings

The “Pack” is all of the Scouts and their families who have joined Pack 3322 (grades K-5).  We usually meet one Friday a month at Ellsworth Hill Elementary School at 7 PM.

Den Meeting

The Den is all of the Scouts in the Pack who are the same gender and in the same grade. Kindergartners are either in the Boy Lion Den or the Girl Lion Den; First Graders are in either of the Tiger Dens; Second Graders are in the Wolf Dens; Third Graders are in the Bear Dens; Fourth Graders are in the Webelos I Dens, and Fifth Graders are in the Webelos II Dens. In addition to the monthly Pack meetings, each den usually meets once or twice per month. Each den establishes its own meeting schedule.


Nick Kwolek is our Cubmaster, which is the leader of the Pack. Nick is an Eagle Scout who is excited to share Scouting experiences with a new generation. He can be reached at Each den is led by a Den Leader.

Family Participation

Cub Scouting with Pack 3322 is for the whole family. Our events are family friendly and are usually designed for the entire family’s participation. Campouts, for example, can include two parents, Scout, and sibling(s); mom and Scout; dad and Scout; or either parent with Scout and sibling(s). Unless we specify otherwise, please feel free to bring other siblings to take part in the activities. For the Pinewood Derby, we even have a separate category in which siblings and parents may enter a car.

Pack 3322 is FUN for the entire family.


The fees to be a member of Pack 3322 are very modest. There is a small registration fee that is paid to the Council at the time of registration. Then, each November, each Scout family should pay its annual dues. The Pack asks all one-Scout families sell at least $555 in popcorn during the annual sale. If a one-Scout family chooses not to sell popcorn, we ask for $185/year as Pack dues. The money raised from popcorn sales pays for the Blue and Gold Dinner for scout, Pinewood Derby kit and awards, camping fees, Pack rechartering fees, Pack Meeting supplies and entertainment, and other Pack expenses. For more information about dues, please click here.

Official Scout Uniform for our Pack

  • Scout Shirt – Navy blue for Lion (Kindergartner), Tiger (1st Grade), Wolf (2nd Grade), and Bear (3rd Grade); Khaki (tan) for Webelos (4th and 5th Grades).
  • Patches – The store clerk will know exactly what you need. Just tell them you’ve joined Pack 3322. The Cubmaster or Den Leader will let you know your den number. The den number patch is optional and you can pick up the den number patch later if you choose to.
  • Neckerchief and Slide – for your Scout’s specific rank.
  • Belt – Most Cub Scout awards are now belt loops. If your Scout wants to display his or her achievements, your Scout should get either the official Cub Scout belt or another belt upon which the belt loops can fit.
  • Scout Handbook – for your Scout’s specific rank. The book is not needed at the Pack meetings, only at Den meetings.
  • Hat – Optional. Is rank-specific.
  • Pants – Official pants are not recommended. Shorts/jeans are fine; ordinary blue Dockers-like pants work fine the few times dressing up is required.

All items can be purchased at:

Kamper City, 5549 Akron-Peninsula Road (Olde Eight Road, about 1 mile south of State Route 303).  (330) 650-1491.

Great Trail Council Scout Shop, 4500 Hudson Dr., Stow, 44224.  (330) 773-0415.