November Pack Meeting – Raingutter Regatta

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On November 15, 2019, we will have our monthly Pack meeting at Ellsworth Hill gym/cafeteria.  This month’s theme is the Raingutter Regatta.  As usual, the Pack will begin its gathering activities at 6:45, and the Pack meeting will begin promptly at 7:00.  Scouts should wear Class As with their red vests, if you bought one.
Upon arrival (and before our 7:00 start), each Scout should:
  • turn in his or her popcorn/coffee money (checks must be made out to “Pack 3322”);
  • if your Scout(s) did not sell enough popcorn to cover his or her dues, you should turn in your Scout’s dues (checks must be made out to “Pack 3322”);
  • place his or her suggested 40 oz. can of yams in the designated area (see below);
  • enter the monthly guessing game (siblings have their own category and are also encouraged to submit a guess);
  • register his or her preassembled boat with the Pack (bring it to the meeting ready to race) and then place it in his or her den’s “marina”; and
  • if applicable, turn in your Hudson-Giving-Tree donation (see above).

Assisting with the meeting’s activities are Lou Verhas, who has again volunteered to serve as our Pack’s “Raingutter Regatta Admiral.” As great as Lou is, we will still need several other volunteers to help with the racing.  Please let me know if you can help.

The Raingutter Regatta

In preparation for the Regatta, each Scout should construct and decorate a boat using the Raingutter Regatta kit distributed at October’s Pack Meeting.  (If you haven’t yet received your kit, please see your Scout’s den leader at your Scout’s upcoming den meeting; he or she should have it.)  During the meeting, each Scout will race his or her boat by blowing air through a straw into the boat’s sail.  The racing will be 1 v 1.   This will be a friendly competition, first amongst the dens and then against whomever the Scout chooses.
The Raingutter Regatta Rules:
  • Each entry must be made from the BSA kit.  A BSA kit was provided to each Scout at last month’s Pack meeting.  If you did not pick one up, please see your den leader.  If, for whatever reason, you need to make a replacement, the new boat must be made from a BSA kit.  Additional kits are available online, from the Council Scout Shop in Stow, or from Kamper City in Peninsula.
  • You can add whatever you want to the boat, EXCEPT
    • You may not alter the sail’s dimensions
      • This means you may not cut, tape, or fold the sail – just slide it on
    • You may not add an outside propulsion device
    • You may not place sharp items or have sharp edges on the boats (the raceway is inflatable).
  • The pontoon’s length may not be extended.  At a minimum, it must 6.5 inches long; at a maximum it may not exceed 7 inches.
  • The boat’s mast must be 6.5 inches from the deck.
  • The boat must include the entrant’s name (either written or painted) or otherwise be distinguishable from other entries.
  • While racing, the racer may not advance his boat with his hand, nose, hat, lips, tongue, or the straw; a hand may only be used to turn a capsized boat upright or to turn a boat that has become stuck on the gutter.
  • Siblings can also race (but you will need to get them a boat (see above)).
Finally, our chartered organization, Christ Church Episcopal, has a canned yam drive every year.  We would like to assist CCE in collecting canned yams for distribution to those less fortunate.  Therefore, we ask each Scout to donate at least one 40 oz. can of yams by bringing it to this month’s Pack meeting.
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