Pack 3322 Hudson, Ohio Cub Scouts

Blue & Gold Covid Safety Guidelines

Masks, social distancing, and all current State/County Covid saftey requirements will be followed.

During the days’ events, Scouts will be placed into small groups. All attempts will be made to keep family members in the same groups. These groups will travel from activity to activity during the day. All attempts will be made to minimize the interaction of Scouts in different small groups.

If your family prefers to bring their own food for dinner, please do so.

No community water fountains or water stations will be provided. Bring your own water for the day.

All events will be conducted outside.

In order to minimize the number of attendees, parents are encouraged to drop-off Scouts who are old enough to be on their own during the day’s events.

Eating and drinking should be done in groups of immediate family only…please distance your family from other families while eating.