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The Pack preferred dates for Webelos Resident (Overnight) Camp are July 21 (Sunday) through July 24 (Wednesday).  This is only open to Scouts who are entering Webelos I (now in third grade) and Scouts who are entering Webelos II (now in fourth grade).  This overnight camp will take place Camp Manatoc.  The HARD registration deadline will be July 6th and will cost $175 per Webelos Scout.  Here is the Camp’s flier with more info.  To try to keep the Scouts together for activities and at the same campsite, we ask that you register with the Pack, and the Pack will register the Scouts as a group.  To do so, however, the Pack NEEDS to have received your registrations by July 6th.  If there late registrations, we will not be able to guarantee that your Scout is at the same campsite and with our Scouts for activities.
The registration process will begin shortly with an update to the Pack webpage, but before we can do so, we need volunteers.  Specifically, just as with Cub Scout Day Camp, we need chaperones to accompany the Scouts at camp.  Chaperones will need to pay $105, which (if past practice is followed) can be split among chaperones who trade off time slots).  Without enough chaperones, the Scouts cannot attend.  Please let me know if you are willing to be a chaperone for Resident Camp.
Here is a copy of the pamphlet with additional information.
If you have a female Webelos Scout, please know that BSA requires a 21-or-over female registered leader also attend.  Therefore, if your daughter plans on coming, it may require that you become a leader (some paperwork and some Youth Protection Training will be required) and then attend the entire camp.  If you have a female Webelos Scout that plans to attend Webelos Resident Camp, please let us know prior to registering so we can discuss options.
Registration is now open on the Pack webpage.  In addition to registering on the website, please mail, so it is in his hand by July 6th:
  • a check for the proper amount made out to “Pack 3322,”
  • filled out medical forms (Parts A AND B) for each attending person (Scout and chaperone) (make a copy before signing and submitting, then, if nothing has changed, sign the copy and submit it to the Pack in August for next year’s Pack activities), AND
  • a copy of each participating family’s medical insurance card (front and back)

to our Webelos Camp Coordinator:

Greg Banig
2693 Brunswick Lane
Hudson, OH 44236
Also, please consider joining this event’s GroupMe by clicking here.