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On October 19th we will have our monthly Pack meeting at Ellsworth Hill gym/cafeteria. We will officially gather at 6:45, and the meeting will start promptly at 7:00 with the Webelos 1 dens (4th grade) presenting the colors. The theme for this month’s meeting is a Scary Bake contest. Scouts should wear Class As (tucked-in please).

Popcorn orders are due at this Pack meeting and will be collected as part of our gathering activities (6:45-7:00). Then, during the meeting, our Popcorn Kernel, Cate Barker, will review the order forms and determine the Pack’s top popcorn sellers. Towards the end of the meeting, we hope to announce our top sellers that qualify for the Globetrotters Color Guard on December 27th. To maximize the odds of our being able to do that PLEASE:

  • TRIPLE check your order forms to make sure the totals on each line are correct, including the total amount sold, and make sure all entries are legible.
    Make a copy (or take a picture) of your order form(s) for your own records; Cate will take the original, which will be returned at popcorn pickup on November 10th.
  • If your son or daughter sold enough popcorn to qualify for a prize, make sure his or her choice is so designated.
  • Remember, only Scouts with the Whittlin’ Chip (Bear Scouts and older can qualify) are eligible to receive pocket knives.
  • If you have multiple Scouts, for prize and Cavs consideration, allocate the orders among the boys as you deem fit before the meeting.
  • If you can help Cate tally and organize the orders during the meeting, please let us know.
  • If you can’t make it to the October Pack meeting, please make arrangements with Cate to provide your order form to her prior to the meeting. That way your Scout’s orders can be considered when evaluating our top popcorn sellers. If we don’t know how much he sold as of the Pack meeting, he won’t be eligible for the Globetrotters Color Guard.

If Cate and the other volunteers cannot get through the forms by meeting’s end, we will not be able to announce the winners at the meeting. The Scouts all deserve public recognition for their sales efforts, so PLEASE do what you can to help make Cate’s job easier by following the above popcorn-order suggestions before the meeting.

We suggest getting there extra early this month (even before 6:45), as there is much to do before the Webelos 1 dens (Grade 4) present the colors at 7:00. Specifically, upon arrival (and before our 7:00 start), each Scout should:

  • turn in his or her popcorn orders (money is not due this meeting (it is due at the November meeting), but the order forms are);
  • enter the monthly guessing game (siblings have their own category and are also encouraged to submit a guess);
  • register his or her entry in the Pack’s Scary Bake contest.

For the contest, Scouts/siblings are encouraged to work with an adult to help bake and decorate a cake. Upon arrival at the Pack meeting, each Scout/sibling will enter his/her cake in one of the below categories. Then, during the meeting, each Scout will anonymously vote for the entry that he feels best represents each category (sorry, siblings don’t vote; just Scouts). The winners for each category will be announced at the end of the meeting. If you have more than one Scout in the Pack, feel free to enter one cake under both of their names. If that cake wins, they will share the prize and recognition.

The contest’s categories include:

  • Scariest
  • Best Scout Theme
  • Most Unique
  • Most Patriotic
  • Best Animation or Props
    • If anything on the cake is not edible, it will be deemed a prop and will have to go into this category. So don’t bake a cake thinking it will be entered into the Scariest category if it includes, for example, plastic vampire teeth, or in the Most Patriotic category if it has a cloth American flag with a wooden handle. Those submissions will have to go into the Best Animation or Props category.
  • Funniest
  • Best Cupcake Cake
  • Best Sibling Cake
    • Can include props.
    • This is OPTIONAL. There is no need or expectation for anyone to make two (or more) carvings. If you think you and any sibling would have fun creating one, feel free to participate.
      • Siblings will not vote for the winners of any of the categories. Only Scouts vote.