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Our first Pack Campout will be on Saturday, September 15 through Sunday, September 16 at Camp Butler – 800 W Streetsboro Rd (SR-303), Peninsula, Ohio 44264 with Shooting Sports for all Scouts (except Lions (kindergartners)) occurring at its sister CampCamp Manatoc –1075 Truxell  Road, Peninsula, Ohio 44264.  We plan to launch model rockets at the parade field on CampManatoc.  See here for a map of both Camps.
As with all Cub Scout events (including meetings) at least one adult from each attending family must be present at all times.
As to Camp Butler (where we will eat and sleep)
We have reserved the Lake Point Adirondacks campsite for this campout.  We will be tent camping in this space (but not using the on-site Adirondacks).  There is a latrine on this site that all may use.  Generally, legal parents and people to whom they are married can sleep in the same tent as their children.  Additionally, Scouts can tent camp with fellow Scouts that are within two years in age.  If you have a person spending the night that doesn’t meet these requirements, he or she will generally have to tent camp alone.  If you have a question about sleeping arrangements, please let me know before arrival.
For those that may be reluctant to tent camp, we have also reserved the Boyce Lodge.  There are only 18 bunks available in this cabin, so these are available on a first-come, first-served basis.   As we presently understand it, both men and women will be allowed to sleep in the cabin, but there will be a divider between the genders (including family members).  The bathroom facilities in the cabin have indoor plumbing and will be available to all Pack 3322 participants, regardless of gender and regardless of whether the person is tent or cabin camping.  Because of the cost associated with renting this cabin, those opting to spend the night in the Lodge, the cost per person will be slightly more ($10 more per person) than those opting to tent camp.
We have also reserved the Baden-Powell Pavilion.  This is where we will eat and where we will converge for Pack activities.
All three of these Camp Butler sites–Lake Point, Boyce Lodge, and Baden-Powell Pavilion–are on this map.  Note that they are relatively close to parking and to one another.
As to Camp Manatoc (where we will play)
We have reserved the BB range and the archery range at Camp Manatoc.  We plan to launch our model rockets on the parade field at Camp Manatoc.  They are also marked on the map.
Agenda – Note: There are Different Reporting Times Depending on Scouts’ Grades
Webelos Families (Grades 4 and 5) have the option of spending the night Friday night, September 14.  Those that opt to spend the night should arrive at Camp Butler at 7:00 pm already fed.  Upon arrival, Webelos will set up camp.  We will have a campfire Friday night.  On Saturday morning, Webelos will eat breakfast, work on some Scouting requirements, and then eat an early lunch.  Webelos families will then drive their Scouts from Camp Butler to Camp Manatoc, arriving before 12:15, where they will meet with the rest of the Pack (except Lions (kindergartners)).
At 12:15 on Saturday, September 15, Tiger (Grade 1), Wolf (Grade 2), Bear (Grade 3), and Webelos Families (Grades 4 and 5) (everyone except Lions (Kindergartner) families) will report to Camp Manatoc –1075 Truxell  Road, Peninsula, Ohio 44264 already fed.  If you can, park in the large parking lot near the Dining Hall and the pool (see map).  The deeper in the lot you park, the closer you are to the ranges.  At 12:30, our Rangemasters — Mr. Banig and Mr. Kowalske — will present safety training about how to conduct oneself on the BB range and the archery range.  You MUST receive safety training to shoot, so please be on time.  Shooting sports, per National rules, is only open to individuals older than kindergartens.
At 1:00 we we split into two groups.  Webelos (Grades 4 and 5) and Tiger (Grade 1) Scout families will remain at the ranges and will shoot BBs and arrows for approximately two hours.  Bear (Grade 3) and Wolf (Grade 2) Scout families will walk as a group over to the Camp Manatoc’s Parade Ground to launch rockets for about two hours.  See below for more information about rockets.
Around 3:00, the two groups will switch.  At this point the Lion Families (Kindergartners) will join the Webelos (Grades 4 and 5) and Tiger (Grade 2) families on the Camp Manatoc –1075 Truxell  Road, Peninsula, Ohio 44264 Parade Ground to launch model rockets (which is marked on this map).  After the 3:00 switch, the Webelos (Grades 4 and 5) families will launch their rockets first, so they can get a head start in returning to Camp Butler and preparing dinner.
At around 5:00, when groups other than Webelos are finished at their respective area, they will drive (with their families in their respective cars) to Camp Butler‘s Lake Point Adirondacks.  The Inter-Camp Road between Manatoc and Butler is featured on the map.  They will then set up camp or prepare their bunk.
We will eat dinner as a group at the Baden-Powell Pavilion.
All Bear families will be tasked with cleaning up Pack gear after dinner.  Each family is charged with cleaning up its own plates, utensils, cups, etc.
After cleanup, we will have a campfire ceremony, with skits, songs, and s’mores for all.
In the morning, we will eat breakfast (at the Baden-Powell Pavilion), clean up, break camp, and go home.  All Wolf families will prepare breakfast, and all Tiger and Lion families (showing them the ropes), will lead breakfast cleanup of Pack gear.
We hope to have breakfast consumed, cleaned, and checked out by 10 AM.  PLEASE do not leave until Pack gear is cleaned up, packed away, and our Pack has passed inspection.
More details will follow, but here are some items to start considering:
    • One of our planned events at this campout is launching model rockets.  This is open to the entire family; sisters, brothers (moms and dads) are invited to launch rockets too.  This, however, requires a little advance planning.
      • ASSEMBLE THE ROCKETS BEFORE THE CAMPOUT – Scouts/siblings/moms/dads should arrive at the campout with their model rockets preassembed.   This is a great opportunity to create something with your son(s) and daughter(s).  If you haven’t built one before, I suggest you not wait until the night before.  Most aren’t incredibly complicated; it just often takes a while for the glue to set on one part, allowing you to move to the next part.
      • WHAT TYPE OF ROCKET SHOULD I BRING? – The Pack will provide model rocket engines in the size A8-3 (as well as the necessary wadding and launching pads) for all children.  We plan to have enough engines for two launches per child (with Scouts being serviced first).  If your child wants to use the Pack’s engines, please make sure his/her model rocket is compatible with the A8-3 size (check the packaging or product description).  If it is not, please purchase and bring your own engines that will fit that rocket.  Remember that the larger the engine, the higher it goes; the higher it goes, the more difficult it will be to find upon landing.  For new Scouts, the rockets that were provided by the Pack with your registration are compatible with A8-3 engines.  You can purchase model rockets online (e.g., AmazonWalMart, etc.) or at Hobby Lobby (pro tip, if you go to Hobby Lobby, take advantage of their online 40% coupon; just have it ready on your phone at checkout) and some WalMart stores.  The Pack will also have some model rockets that are A8-3 engine compatible for sale at our September Pack meeting.
      • LABEL YOUR ROCKETS – Please write your name or your son’s / daughter’s name on his/her rocket.  Many look the same and are difficult to track once launched.  Legible names will make identification much easier.
      • MODEL-ROCKET DESIGN – While we encourage your children to decorate their rockets as they deem fit, please remember that rockets that are dark colors will be much harder to find if it were to land in the woods.  Bright colors will make it much easier to find.
  • COST
      • $15 per Tiger (1st), Wolf (2nd), and Bear (3rd) Family Participant (which covers campsite rental, food, as well as BB gun, model rocket, and archery supplies and facilities)
      • $20 per Webelos (4th and 5th) Family Participant (those spending Friday and Saturday nights) (which covers all of the above and extra food)
      • $13 per Lion (K) Family Participant (which covers campsite rental, food, and model-rocket supplies)
          • If your family has more than one Scout and qualifies for two separate prices, please allocate the pricing accordingly
      • If you are reserving a bunk in the Boyce Lodge, please add $10 to the above cost.
    • Pack leaders will stay in contact with our those in attendance by sending out group electronic (akin to text) messages to all attendees via the GroupMe app.  I have created a GroupMe account for the Pack to use for this outing.  This application works across operating systems and avoids some service providers’ 10-person group-messaging limit.  We can use it for many on-the-go announcements, such as informing users of meeting spots and times, changes-in or cancellations-of activities, weather-related issues, and to share pictures.  There will be a different group for each Pack event.  You don’t need to download the GroupMe app to get the messages, but we suggest you do to avoid getting opted out of group communications (GroupMe does this automatically to protect people who don’t have the app from being spammed).  If you plan on attending, please join the September 2018 Campout GroupMe group by clicking here (you will also be prompted to join during the registration page).
    • A list of what we suggest bringing (and not bringing) camping can be found here.  Remember to label everything.  Don’t forget your preassembled model rockets and a portable chair that you will sit in during the campfire.
    • If you haven’t already, please remember to submit updated Medical Forms.  Every participant in a Scouting event is required to have a Part A and Part B Medical Form on file with the Pack.  If you are returning to Pack 3322, your family’s participants may already have both Parts on file.  If that is the case, we would only need an updated Part A as to each participant.  On the other hand, if this is your first year with Pack 3322, we will need completed forms as to both Part A and Part B for each participant (Scout, dad, mom, sibling, etc. (all who participate in an event, including Dinner Guests)).  If you haven’t yet given us the forms at a prior event, please bring the required medical paperwork with you to the campout and present it to Shawn Petiya, our Pack Secretary.  Remember my tip: after filling out Part A, but before signing and dating, scan the document into your computer.  Next year, if nothing changes, just hit print, put next year’s date on it, sign, and submit.