Pack 3322 Hudson, Ohio Cub Scouts


Keeping the health and safety of our Scouting family our number one priority, there are a number of practical changes we will be implementing for the foreseeable future. I ask that each family read and understand each item.  And, most importantly, for the health of all, it is imperative that each family agrees to follow each item and police themselves to ensure compliance.  As is said: The wolf protects the pack, and the pack protects the wolf.  We need each member of our Pack to protect each other member of the Pack.  It is in this way that the Pack can best protect each Pack member.

As a general matter, we are bound by some Guidelines put in place by our Council.  For those that are interested, please feel free to consult this website for specifics.  Like Hudson City Schools, Council’s Guidelines can change, depending on Summit County’s COVID Level.  Council’s Guidelines as to county health levels can be found here.  This website lists the Level (1-5) and corresponding color code for each Ohio county, including Summit.  Right now (September 7th) Summit County is at Level 2 (orange).  Our Council’s Guidelines lump Level 1 (yellow) and Level 2 (orange) together for guidance, then have separate guidance for Level 3 (red) and separate guidance for Level 4 (purple).

Council also requires that each participant wash his or her hands prior to attending each Scout event and that each participant provides this form to a Scout Leader upon arrival at each Cub Scout event (so one filled-out form is required for each person at each den meeting, and then a new, updated form again for each person at each Pack event, etc.).  Note that this form is required for each participant (as opposed to Scout or family), so please fill out and turn in one for each individual.  This self-screening form will be in addition to the Medical Form (Parts A and B) that is required for each person attending a Scout event.  The Medical Form, in contrast, needs only to be filled out and turned in once a Scout year.  The BSA Medical Form can be found here.

To be clear, Council’s Guidelines are a minimum standard.  Our Pack, given our numbers, will strive to provide extra precautions moving forward.  For example, we plan to hold all Pack events outside for the foreseeable future.  And, even though the events are outside, the Pack is also requiring that each person attending a Pack event wear a mask that covers his or her face (mouth and nose) for the entire event and that each Pack family maintain a six-foot social distance from each other Pack family.  We are also designating a Leader at each Pack event who will serve as our Compliance Coordinator.  He or she will be monitoring those attending, doing his or her best to make sure participants are wearing masks, social distancing, and generally remaining safe and healthy.  But, this person is not our first line of compliance.  The primary persons tasked with ensuring that we are following Council and Pack Guidelines is each of you and your resilient monitoring of your own family members.  PLEASE ensure each of your family participants is following the Guidelines and staying safe.  And, if you see someone else in noncompliance, please ask them nicely to take the needed steps to come into compliance or inform a Leader so the Leader can make that request.


To that end, the Pack has drafted a Pack Code of Conduct.  It can be found here.  Please review it.  All families are required to abide by it at all Pack 3322 events (both Pack events and den events) for the foreseeable future.  Please turn in an executed copy before attending a Pack 3322 event (before attending a Pack or a den event).


Also, the Pack has put together a Liability Waiver, which can be found here.  This is an important document that affects your rights.  Please read it carefully.  If you and your family agree to the terms, please sign it and submit to Pack Leadership before attending a Pack 3322 event (a Pack event or den event).  An executed and submitted Liability Waiver is required if your family wants to participate in a Pack 3322 event.

I know this is a lot of important information.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  We are all doing our best, and we hope the above methodology provides a manner and means of continuing to provide quality programming while keeping our Pack family safe.